Sidekick Saga and UnPub!

Charlie, Alison, and Sean play 3-Player Sidekick Saga

This weekend, there was an UNPUB event here in Tucson!  Thanks to Mozu productions for helping put this together.

Thanks to Charlie, Alison, Andrew and Sean for coming out!  (Andrew came late but offered his support!)  Everyone had fun and we had some great feedback by everyone.  My favorite part was when Sean started showing Andrew how to play!  Sean (who I had never met before that day) was emotionally invested enough to show Andrew how to play!  That was great.

Sidekick Saga

Blackbird: one of the Sidekicks from Sidekick Saga! Art by Phil Cho!

Sidekick Saga is the newest game from Return from Subroutine Studios.  It’s been in development for about a year.   The hope is to kickstart in January 2019, but I won’t kickstart it until it’s ready.

Sidekick Saga is a cooperative SuperHero gaame for 1-4 Players.  It’s an adventure, exploration, and combat game where the Sidekick explore the city, fight Bad Guys, and try to find out what happened to all the Big, Powerful, Superheroes!

Watch this space for more information about Sidekick Saga!

Art by Phil Cho

Venom Assault: A Kickstarter from late  2016

I kickstarted a game called Venom Assault a number of years ago.  Good game!  It even made the Honorable Mention from my Top 10 Cooperative Games of 2017.  One of the things I liked best about the game was the art—it was done by an artist named Phil Cho.  I am working with Phil Cho right now to draw Villains, Heroes, and all sorts of art!  So far, I have been blown away by how great his art is.  It really adds to the VIBE of the game: His clean, colorful heroes kind of reminds me of John Byrne meets George Perez.

I can’t wait to see what he does for the Cover.  His Deviant Art site has some great pictures!


I am super happy (no pun intended) with the direction.  People seem to be enjoying the game, the art is coming along great, and I am happy with how this is turning out.  Watch here for further developments!

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