Mythos Tales Unboxing


Mythos Tales was a very successful kickstarter, doing 5x it’s initial asking!

I am excited for it because it combines detective work with co-operative play in the genre/world of Arkham Horror (a perennial favorite at our games table, especially on Halloween).  It was described to me as Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective meets Arkham Horror.

My copy of Mythos Tales arrived just today. Super cool!   But my unboxing left me a very pleasant surprise! What’s that you may ask???  … wait and see!

First, the box opens up with a nice “Thank You” flyer (+errata). Very classy.

The game box has very nice artwork and is very high quality.

But what’s this underneath the gamebox?

I got candy! I think that is the coolest thing ever! Thank you 8th Summit games!  It’s amazing how such a little thing made me so happy. (I love Smarties).

I opened the actual gamebox and looked inside .. holy cow! So much stuff! I think this will be a deep, deep game that will last me years.

I like to savor stuff like this, so I am excited to play.

Watch for a review in this space after a deep play!