More and More Mutants on Kickstarter Lately!

Recently, there have been a slew of Kickstarters for cooperative board games that I (and hopefully you!) may interested in.  Weirdly, the ones I have been interested in are “mutations” of many games I have referred to in my blog over the last year …

1. Sentinels of Earth-Prime

If you look at my blog about my top 5 games of all time, you’ll note Sentinels of The Multiverse occupies the number 2 spot!  Well, Green Ronin (responsible for the Super Hero RPG Mutants and Masterminds) has teamed up with Greater Than Games to make Sentinels of Earth-Prime, a bunch of new heroes and villains using the Sentinels of the Multiverse system.  It’s a mutant!  It JUST came online, and it has already hit its funding mark. Check it out here!

2. Island Of Doctor Necreux, Second Edition


I was very excited when I saw this was up for a second edition.  I JUST wrote a blog entry here!  But here again, it is a mutant, as it is the 2nd edition of the game I really liked!  Check it out here!

3. Shadowrift Expansions


I wrote up a top 10 favorite cooperative games Off The Beaten Path, and Shadowrift (the first edition) was on it!  Right now, more expansions (and you can get the second edition at the same time) are available here!  It has definitely evolved and mutated since I got the first edition …

4. Gloomhaven, Second Edition

Where’s Gloomhaven on my blog you might wonder?  You may even search for it and say “Darnnit Rich, I don’t see Gloomhaven anywhere on your blog!”  And strictly speaking, you’d be right.

I see Gloomhaven as the spritiual successor to Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder: it’s the RPG mutated to Card form.  Recall that D&D/Pathfinder is my favorite game of all time.

5. Thunderstone Quest


An adventuring deck-building game.  Kind of a mutant of Shadowrift and Gloomhaven! All right, I may be reaching for that last one, but it looks really cool.

So, those are 5 cooperative games appearing on Kickstarter now or very recently.  I am looking forward to all of these!



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