Island of Dr. Necreaux: Second Edition is on Kickstarter!

A while ago, I listed my favorite cooperative games Off The Beaten Path.  It seems like all top 10 cooperative games list the same games over and over, so this was my attempt to give some love to some other overlooked co-op games.  One of my favorite little games on this list was The Island Of Dr. Necreaux.  I had played the original first edition and really enjoyed it.


One common complaint about the game was that the FAQ was bigger than the rules!  Well, a second edition is now on Kickstarter !!!  It has more colorful art, and (hopefully) will fix a lot of the discrepancies from the first edition.


I have to admit, I really enjoyed the “Flash Gordon”-esque art from the first edition, but I am excited to see how they’ve updated the rules.  And new colorful art!

As I type this, the Kickstarter ends in five days and they are not quite there yet.  Get out there and pick this game up!  It really is a great game, and I am telling you, this is a really unique cooperative game that’s quick, thematic, and very fun.

I already have the first edition (and really like it!), but I really want this game to succeed so I just backed it myself a few minutes ago.

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