Getting Ready To Kickstart! CO-OP: the co-op game!

After months of design and development and test, we are ready to Kickstart CO-OP: the co-op game!  We’ve had many blog entries here in coopgestalt where we discussed decisions, playtesting, rules, and general development of the game.  We’ve had a few false starts, but we’re just about ready!

The official date we go live is November 15th.

Thanks to Bob Diven for the great art he’s given us!  Final Totals:

  • 200 cards (63 Happenings, 99 Groove cards, 27 Goods cards,7 COOPERATE cards, 4 Locations)
  • 18 Jumbo Cards (7 characters, 5 days of the week, 3 Game/Icon Summary, 2 Scenario cards, 1 Money Chart): all double-sided with content on both sides!
  • 15 Markers (7 standees, 6 VIBE gems, 1 Money marker, 1 Happening Dude marker)
  • 1 Rulebook (16 pages, 4.5″ by 8″)
  • 1 Box (big enough to hold everything, small enough to fit in the USPS small flat rate box) about 5″ by 8.5″!

Special thanks to everyone who helped out!  It’s a long list, and I’m sure we’ve forgotten someone (not on purpose)!

Thanks to playtesters and helpers Anya and Robert, Chris M., Alan C., Kevin D. and family, Byron & Jenn H., Drew, J on S., Cynthia, Junkerman, Kurt D., John M., Mike H., Bob A., Sam K. and family, Lon F., Charlie C., Alison C., Clint J., Cary J., Audrie T., Stephan T., Leif T., Teresa F., Sara B., Ben P., Jon G., Robert C. and wife (Alison), Mark S., Nancy S., Madeline M., Adam N., Jeremy W., Dustin and wife, Robert S., Jeff H., Jeff Barr, Random, Jacob, Kylie, Scott S., Jeff, David H., Erin, and Robin. From UNPUB: Olivia, Max, Geoff, Sun, Katie, Rob, Ben, and Milo. Thanks to Bob Diven for the great art! Special thanks for Jenny J., Chris C., Josh M., Don W., Martha C., and Andrew A. for their extra support and help! A shout-out to “Isle of Games” for their support!

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