UNPUB Tucson at Rincon 2016!

One of the better gaming events in Tucson is the Rincon Board Game Convention.  If you’ve never been, they have board games, RPGS, miniatures, card games, new prototypes, games for kids … almost any game you would want!

This year, we were able to get some playtesting in for CO-OP at the UNPUB mini event:

Thanks to all who attended and for some great playtesting!

And yes, they kinda looks like some of the characters from CO-OP …

… but I promise you, it wasn’t on purpose!

Seriously, all feedback was great!  Most, if not all problems, were because people came late to the event.  One remark was:

If I had set-up the game myself, I think a lot of my confusion would have gone away.

Another comment was:

I didn’t know when to play a card, but I realize that was because I was late and missed some of the rules.  The Game Summary card was really helpful!  Too bad I didn’t see it until after the game!

Everyone who filled out an UNPUB form said they’d play again and that they’d buy the game.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what the people who didn’t fill out forms think …

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