Some more CO-OP activity on Kickstarter

I was happy to see that Zephyr: Winds of Change  funded recently!  Like Venom Assault, it just barely funded in the last few hours of the Kickstarter!  I am very excited to see how this game turns out.

Another co-operative game on Kickstarter is on the RADAR: The Dresden Files co-operative card game.  I am very excited by this one: I never read the Dresden Files, but I have listened to just about every one of them as Books on CD: They have a sense of humor, good pacing, and drama.  I will say I almost gave up on the series after the first two books (Man, Harry was whiny and I started getting tired of it).But, the characters grew and evolved and, frankly (in the later books), the stories are pretty amazing.  If the game catches the spirit of the game, I think it real be real fun.

One thing I didn’t note until I looked closer at the Kickstarter: the amount of shipping goes DOWN for each tier they get to!  Right now, it is only $4 for shipping (it started at $10)!  And it’s only about 10 days into the campaign!  So it is possible this will ship at no extra cost if the Kickstarter makes it to a certain level. Just an FYI.  (Because my first thought was that this is an expensive Kickstarter and then adds $10:  With the cheaper and cheaper shipping, it’s nice).


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