Why Are We Here?

“Because we’re here. Roll the Bones” – Rush

Co-op Gestalt was a blog we started back in April 10th, 2016. We say “we” because there’s a few of us who post here: myself, Junkerman, and CC (but mostly me). See here for our first post! The real purpose of Co-op Gestalt hasn’t changed over the years: we still like to talk about cooperative board and card games! Sometimes we do reviews (like Intrepid: a cooperative dice placement game), sometime we talk about changes to rules for cooperative games (like mods for solo rules for Incoming Transmission), sometimes we have Top 10 Lists (like our Top 10 Cooperative Games of 2021 or our Top 10 Cooperative Games with Apps). We even do weird things sometimes such as Top 5 Components for the Gameroom or Top 6 Cooperative Games from IDW (before they disappear!). Occasionally, we even offer a cooperative mode for competitive games! Here’s a post on how to make Lost Ruins of Arnak cooperative!

In general, if there’s something interesting about cooperative games, we hope to explore it here. Why? Because we still feel like cooperative games need more exposure! Recently, I visited my friend Paul and he confessed to me he didn’t like cooperative games very much! I think it’s because his only real exposure is Pandemic: I don’t know if he knows about the giant world of cooperative games! (Luckily, his son and wife seem to really like cooperative games: we were able to get a fun play of Sidekick Saga in while I was visiting).

Our plan is to keep doing this for a while! We love our cooperative games! We do this all for free! We have never accepted any donations or money or even free copies of games! We pay for all the games we buy ourselves, so our reviews are pretty honest (We didn’t really like Disney Sidekicks or the G.I. Joe Deck-building Games). Honestly, we enjoy playing cooperative games and just talking about them even if we didn’t like them! One of my favorite quotes from my friends this year was “We enjoyed complaining about Tainted Grail more than we did playing it!”

Happy New Year! Keep cooperating and having fun with your friends!

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