RichieCon 2019! Another Year! Another Blast!

So, RichieCon 2019 came and went last weekend.  We played games for 3 days in a row up at the Rec Center in my area!


There were plenty of games brought my many friends!  Most, however, were Richie’s games (thus the name …. RichieCon).

Richie’s games on the left …


Thanks again to Jeremy for making AMAZING BBQ Butts and Brisket for everyone on Saturday!  Will came in a close second with his chocolate chip cookies …


Great Games All Around!

Everything I played, I liked this year, so there were no losers for me!

  • Thunderstone Quest: Barricades mode (cooperative)
  • Kick-Ass
  • Dinosaur Island
  • Ygdsrasil
  • Flotsam Fight
  • Shipwreck Arcana
  • Spirit Island
  • Sidekick Saga
  • Crosstalk
Spirit Island!  Always a hit!

The clear winner, though, of RichieCon 2019 (even though I didn’t get to play) was “Spirit of 77“!  Junkerman ran this game, and everyone who played it had a blast.  I think Junkerman ran 3 sessions with different sets of people.  Far and Away this biggest hit of the convention!

One game of Battlestar Galactica ran 6 hours!!!


A lot of people also played Exploding Kittens and they all seemed to enjoy it.  I saw Kingmaker being played (very old), Awaken Lair,  and some Deckscape games.  No Unlock games, which surprised  me, because I brought all 12 (?) of them up!

Awaken Lair

Underwhelming Games

I didn’t hear about too many games that didn’t go well this year, but I did hear about two:

  • Bears vs. Babies:  Apparently, this was terrible, at least according to my friend and his 7 year old son!

    Bears vs. Babies!
  • DreamCatchers!  I bought the game because of this review,  but had not one, but TWO sets of friends tell me it was just too random and too generic.

I still want to try DreamCatchers myself because I pronounce it …

Favorite Moments

My two favorite moments:

  1. When Mike, me, and Joe spontaneously started singing the song Albuquerque (by Weird Al) in unison!   (Sorry, no picture)
  2. Seeing two of my games (CO-OP: the co-op game and Sidekick Saga) being played next to each other at two different tables!  The games came out organically (I never suggested anything), and just so happened to be played right next to each other!
Sidekick Saga on this table (Will wanted to play the Tinkerer because he voted for her!) …
… and CO-OP: the co-op game being played right next to it!


RichieCon 2019 was a success!  We will be doing it again next year!  We’ll probably start planning in April, so we can reserve the clubhouse in June again.

Thanks to Josh for designing this year’s token, and Max for printing it!

P.S. As I write this article, Bob sent me an email saying he just purchased Shipwreck Arcana because he liked it so much!



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