Dice Tower Con West! And No Time for Games!

If you are wondering why we haven’t finished a few reviews for this site, it’s because we have been busy working hard on Sidekick Saga!  I’ve been working  a lot on the art and graphic design with some great people! (Well, I have getting art from some great artists and great people to help me with graphic design).  And getting ready for the Kickstarter! So we’ve just been busy!

Dice Tower Con West

I am excited that we will be previewing Sidekick Saga at Dice Tower West this March 2019!  We will have a booth there … come by and get a demo of Sidekick Saga!

Here’s a picture of Scenario Book Cover!


Here’s a sample card (it will be spruced up some more, but this is pretty much what it will look like):


Fewer and Fewer Games!

As this Sidekick Saga Kickstarter gets closer and closer, I am actually playing fewer and fewer games!  (So that’s why we have had fewer reviews  …) I have at least 6 cooperative games that I really want played, but I am spending all my time getting Sidekick Saga ready to Kickstart in March 2019!

Here’s a quick look at some cooperative games that have gotten little-to-no play!

  1.  Forbidden Sky: We’ve actually had 3-5 plays of this, and its decent!  Some people like it better, but Forbidden Desert is still my favorite.
  2. The Batman Animated Series Game!  Dang! I wanna play this!  Richard Lanius and a CO-OP.  Maybe this weekend.
  3. 7th Continent: Spent at least 2-3 hours sleeving the darn thing.  Still haven’t played it!
  4. Detective: Still sitting there …
  5. Heroes of Terrinoth: Just came in the mail the other day.  I am a huge fan of the Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game (which was basically unsupported after Fantasy FLight lost the Warhammer license), so this is supposed to the be the same game in the Terrinoth universe!
  6. Exit games … so many exit games …

About the only game that’s gotten consistent play: Pandemic Legacy Season 1!  We have actually been playing 1 session a month where we play 1 or 2 games (if you lose, you have to play a second game to try to catch up).  Next month, we will finish everything!  One way or another!


Our apologies … we hope to get some of the games played over the Turkeyday break, and give your you our thoughts!  Have a great Thanksgiving and PLAY GAMES!




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