RICHIE CON 2017 A Success!

For those of you who don’t know, RICHIE CON 2017 was a huge success!  What’s RICHIE CON?  Officially, it stands for Really I Can’t Heft myself to dIcE tower CON (because it’s far away and costs lots of money).  It’s really just an excuse for friends of Richie to come over to his house in Tucson and play board games!

We probably had 35 people over at the height of the CON on Friday night, with 6 tables supporting 6 different games!  Whew!  Saturday was  a little more tame, with some swimming for some, and constant board games for others.  It felt like 4 tables were consistently full at Saturday.

The Badge

Thanks to Josh Macey for making and printing this year’s badge.  We actually ran out of them, but we’ll make sure to print more next year.

The Best Gaming Experiences!

I asked a bunch of people what their favorite games were from the CON.  Here are some results!

  • Weird and Wacky Seven Wonders: Kurt D. has every single fan expansion (we think) and multiple games with 7 people were played with these.  Apparently, they roll dice to determine which expansions (fan and official) to play with.  Multiple people claimed this as their favorite gaming experience.
  • Mythos Tales:  I finally got a chance to pull out Mythos Tales and play it (I had an unboxing blog plost about it  a loooong time ago, but I still hadn’t played it).  We had a small group of 4 to play it (including myself).  EVERYBODY WHO PLAYED IT LOVED IT.  It was  CC’s and my favorite gaming experience.
  • Artemis:  Josh finally got Artemis set-up in the ManCave.  For those of you who don’t know it, it’s a mult-computer/multi-pad game where people play the bridge members on the Star Trek: Enterprise, except they had to called it Artemis so they wouldn’t get sued.  A lot of people loved Artemis.  It was played all Saturday morning and early afternoon.
  • Firefly: One group had a real nice time playing the Firefly board game (but see below!)

Favorite Quotes!

  • “Just when you think Hollywood has run out of ideas, they show they’ve really run out of ideas” – Upon discovering that there was a Kindgarten Cop 2, and then a Kindergarten Cop series on TV!
  • “Buttboard!” – Joe discovering a kick-board like apparatus that you sit on in the pool!
  • “I liked CO-OP, but it’s kind of a dark game” –  Mangling the context and quote of a friend, that CO-OP: the co-op game is kind of a dark game (when it is, in fact, a very light-hearted game)
  • “The Firefly game was great!  It was so thematic!  Especially after we got canceled Friday night!” – After closing down at 11 on Friday night and having to shutdown a Firefly game in progress…

Least Favorite Games

Some of the games went over like a Lead Balloon …

  • The Captain is Dead!  One group played a 7-player version.   And they all hated it.  Some of these same people (earlier)  played a 5 player version and loved it.  The takeaway here?  Don’t play with 7 people—5 players seems the max.
  • Gloom.  It didn’t go over well with some people.
  • The DC Deck Building Game.  It was Dominion with super heroes.  But pasted on Super Heroes (at least, that seemed to be the consensus).


I really wanted to get Nemo’s War and The Dresden Files to the table for some more plays (for further insight into the games).  But Nemo’s War didn’t get a single play.  And Dresden only got 1 play without any follow up.  I don’t have any new insights into either game, but I DID sit on the top of the Dresden files box and squish it!  Oops.

We also never got to play Star Trek: Frontiers.  Josh even put it on the calendar, but it fell by the wayside …

Next Year

This was real fun, but it’s too much of a strain on my house and my wife.  We’ll either do it a hotel or maybe somewhere else.  But the plan is to do it again next year!  Yee-ha!


One thought on “RICHIE CON 2017 A Success!

  1. I liked “Microscope” as well. It was really interesting –it could easily become an episode of “Whose Line.” It reminds me a little of “Once Upon a Time,” but it’s also more like an RPG in that –you make the cards. It encompasses creative writing, acting, narrating, epic plot-development, setting, problem solving, back story, themes, characters, improvisation, etc…

    In our epic tale, a super-massive black-hole threatened the galaxy. Early on, a seemingly minor character -a pushy janitor- kept recurring at different events on the time-line. These thankless janitors became a touchstone throughout our tale, and in the end, the Galactic Order of Janitors saved humanity.

    It’s deep water, but it’s fun. 🙂


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