RichieCon 2022: A Success!

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What does it mean if RichieCon weren’t a success? An unsuccessful RichieCon would mean:

  • People would be unhappy (but everyone had a great time)
  • Weather would bad (but it was fairly mild for Tucson, and it rained just enough to keep it cool but not enough to cause problems)
  • Games were not played (but a ton of games were played!)

So, RichieCon 2022 was a success!

Day 0: Preparations

Before RichieCon 2022 could start, games had to be boxed from the RichieCon Collection so they could easily be taken to the Rec Center;  most of this happened the week before!

Day 1: Thursday, July 28th


A small cadre of people showed up at (what we dubbed) “The Las Cruces house” or “RichieCon After Dark”.  Basically, all the Las Cruces people (and a few others) stayed at one big house for RichieCon.

Some games were played (and a lot of Sentinels of the Multiverse)!  People said Hi, and got ready for the big event!

Day 2: Friday, July 29th


A food run was critical: RichieCon provides for lunch on Saturday, so a quick trip to CostCo was necessary for foodstuff.


Preparations were made at the Rec Center!  Most importantly, drinks had to be put in the fridge so they’d be cold for Saturday!

Days 3 & 4: Saturday, July 30th, Sunday July 31st: RichieCon 2022 begins!

Games of the Con


The game I saw played most at RichieCon 2022 was Canvas! I saw it played SO MANY times!  This is a light, beautiful game that everyone seems to enjoy!  And it’s not even a co-op!

Train games were a surprising hit!  I saw a bunch of people playing the older Railways of the World (well, the older version called Railroad Tycoon) and the newer and hotter cooperative Switch and Signal!

Ark Nova seemed to always be out, but only because it takes 4 hours to play! I saw it played once on Saturday and and once on Sunday! Some people liked it, some people thought it was okay, and some people did not like Ark Nova!

Century Spice Road: Golem Edition and Splendor (original and Marvel) made a splash last year, and again this year: I saw everyone playing both of these!

My Father’s Work was one of the longer games played, and I was able to be in it! Fun but very involved games!  This is a huge worker placement game! 

Ivan brought his Return to Dark Tower (a bog sprawling co-op with a cool tower) and it got played twice as well! Two big, long games!

Heroes of Terrinoth, an older co-op by the Sadler Brothers got played at least twice.  It also got pimped out! See below.

Pimp My Board Game


We tried something different this year: Junkerman set-up a “Pimp By Board Game” table.  While he worked on my copy of Heroes of Terrinoth to pimp out, he would chat with people about ways to help your board games!

If you wanted a “relaxing” time after playing a longer game (like Ark Nova or My Father’s Work), we had the perfect activity: Pimp My Board Game!  Below, Linda helps Joe.



Top 6 List: Games of Interest from 2021/2022


This year’s Top 6 (was a Top 10 last year, changed to a  Top 6 to make it shorter) was all about games we’ve played since we last met!  The idea was that pose questions and try to get people involved!


#6 What game from the last year surprised you the most?  Good or bad surprise?
Steelslayer: The Reckoners Expansion.  I had to play the original Reckoners game again to remind myself of the rules, and I forgot how good the Reckoners game is!! The surprise was that I forget how great the original game was!  See our review here.
#5 What game in the last year did you think Tom Vasel (from the Dice Tower) is wrong on his rating?
Sentinels of The Multiverse.  This year, Tom said he dropped his rating from a 7 to a 6.  He is so wrong on this!!  Sentinels of the Multiverse was also a major game of RichieCon: it was played at least 10 times overs the course of RichieCon! At least 3 or 4 or us have it as it as one of our favorite games: I give it a 10.  Tom is wrong.  See my review here.
#4 What game (that you paid for) did you really dislike?  It’s easy to dislike games other people paid for, but what did you pay for that you disliked?
Tiny Epic Dungeons.  I didn’t like it, my group didn’t like it, it was not a good experience.  See our review here in Three Quick Reviews of Cooperative Games.
#3 What game that came out in the last year that you liked but other’s didn’t?
Hour of Need by the Sadler Brothers.  I really enjoyed this game, but it takes a long time to internalize the rules.  Along the way, I lost Sara.  She didn’t like it, but I really came to enjoy it.  See our review here.
#2 What was your favorite expansion that came out in the last year?
X-Men: Marvel United and Days of Future Past.  I got a whole bunch of content for Marvel United: see our Expansion Absorption entry here.  If it weren’t an expansion, I’d say Days of Future Past would be my game of the year!  See our review here.
#1 What was your favorite game that came out in the last year?
Tokyo Sidekick. Despite needing some house rules for rebalance, I enjoyed this game quite a bit:  This is a cooperative superhero game where each player controls a hero and sidekick team fighting to save Tokyo!  So very thematic with lots of ways to advance your character as you play!  See our review here.

More Pictures



Another year has come and gone: we saw new friends and old friends! We played, chatted, laughed, and partied. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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